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Sure-Panel® Systems

Providing Everything You Need

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Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a multi-layer product consisting of a polyethylene (PE) or a fire-retardant (FR) core that’s fusion-bonded between two thin sheets of aluminum. Sure-Panel™ composite panels are a great way to add an architectural appeal to any building with nearly infinite color selections.

Plate Panels

Sure-Panel™ solid metal panels are durable, resilient to contact damage, and great for high-traffic areas. Solid metal panels can also be perforated. With a near-infinite selection of colors, solid metal panels can add an architectural accent to any building.


Column Covers

Sure-Panel™ Column Covers and beam wraps are an economical and artistic way to cover structural supports. They can be fabricated into round, square and rectangular shapes with accenting capitals, bases, rings and reveals. The material can be perforated for internal lighting designs and the color choices are nearly endless.

S-Lock Tile Panels

Sure-Panel™ tile wall panels offer an economical solution to cover geometrically challenging buildings. This style panel results in a unique visual pattern with a clean finished look. As with all our products, your color choices are nearly limitless.



Phenolic is a high-quality exterior rainscreen cladding product. Available in large format panels, it is perfect for creating long-lasting rainscreen facades and for cladding balconies. Designed to withstand the elements, this unique rainscreen facade features a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin which creates a powerful weather protective coating.

Sure-Panel® Extrusions 

Sure-Panel® extrusions are the easiest assembling and installing ACM extrusions system on the market. Contact us today to order extrusions for your next ACM or Plate panel project!

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